Saturday, 7 April 2007

Tony Blair

Almost everything about this situation is completely unveiled in Tony’s body language and expression.

Both eyebrows are raised, especially the left one. In response to what he has been told he is asking for further clarification without speaking. It is quite possible that he is genuinely surprised about the item of conversation into which he is becoming embroiled. It may be that his colleague is recounting the time his class of 5 year olds wanted to know when he lost his virginity, or if he lost it at all, and if he lost it, will he visit the lost property office to reclaim the errant virginity.

The conversation is likely to be something along these lines, as the PM has a wry smile trying to edge its way onto his face. It isn’t a full-blown, showing the teeth smile (his usual meet and greet face) but a pursed-up I’m-not-supposed-to-laugh-at-this-juncture grin.

His shirt collar is one size too small. He appears to have pinch pleated his neck to fit into this one. After a couple of washes, cotton shirts finish up 7% smaller anyway, so why not go for the larger shirt? It makes no sense and it looks painful. The dark navy jacket and the light blue shirt accentuate his eye colour, a beautiful dark azure.

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